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Our mission is, primarily, to reach Girl Children throughout Nigeria, Africa and every other country and continent of the world, by spreading the message and raising awareness of various topics and issues, relevant to a Girl Child. We aim to educate and encourage every Girl Child to realise her full potential in life and to let her know that the World is her Oyster and that she can live a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous life - through the Word of God. 
We aim to reach more and more Girl Children throughout the world, on a daily basis, through A Girl Child Foundation Page on Facebook and other media. We also aim to engage and partner with other like-minded NGOs, who are passionate about our cause and who can help us, through sponsorship, fundraising and other strategic efforts, to reach the next level and establish a solid platform for Uju Girl Child Foundation to operate. This cause and the basis of our Mission is to reach and help the helpless, like Orphans, Homeless, the Sick, and those, who feel that they have nothing to live for. We aim to engage with them through outreach programmes, providing shelters, food, water and medical provisions (under trained medical supervision), as well as education and training, helping to keep girls in school and return the displaced to their families and to school, vocational advice and guidance and pathways to employment and/or business startup.

We believe that NGOs and other organisations, including in the Corporate and Government Sectors, with key skills and experience, will be keen to help Uju Girl Child Foundation to make a big difference in Nigeria, Africa and all around the world.



Our work is hands-on and embedded in local communities in various parts of Nigeria where we have been able to identify that Girl Children and their families are in great need of support. This includes providing up-to-date and relevant Information, Advice and Guidance on such topics as general health for a Girl Child, as well as free health checks and medication. We also provide support, through Outreach Events/Projects to combat Girl Child Homelessness and ensuring that as many as possible, who are not in Education, are given the right help and support to make sure that Education and Access to Education is a priority and more commonplace in our communities.

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